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A dedicated pursuit of freedom, adventure, and the creative life sparks a light in all of us.

As a surfer, you learn that riding the wave is about dropping in to something much bigger than yourself. It's about trusting the moment and your intuition. These skills are learned on land, too, when traveling, or anytime you leave the familiar. Anything familiar:  a job, a career, a relationship, a prescribed life that no longer suits. 

I've been lucky to have met some amazing people who taught me about balance and courage through surfing, yoga, and photography, including the self-realized female surfers I found in various cities and countries who carved their own line through life. We live in times of exponential change. Now more than ever, we need to draw upon our inner balance to ride the edge, to be agents of positive change. Bit by bit, we change the world, one beacon at a time, until one day when the entire globe is circled by a brilliant web of light. 


Areas of Practice


Photography helped me define what was important. With a camera in hand, I could take a picture of anything. What did I want to show? The best side, the highest potential, the beauty that we don't see, or are too busy to see. 


Easier than photography because you can do it with only a pen and paper. No heavy equipment required. Harder than photography because there's no built-in editor like the camera's field of view to limit focus. However, photography trained me to observe, and this is essential to writing.


Surfing is the greatest teacher of all because when you throw your worries in the ocean and become shark bait, you leave the water simply happy to be alive. A great ride takes you beyond the beyond – beyond human form to flight and is a feeling you never forget.

The best part after a day of surfing was riding home wth wrinkled hands and tender feet and laughing about who had the best wipeout, and who had the best nose drain. It was good feeling so fried and tired when you got home that you just passed out and missed dinner.
— Claudia Ulani Parmenter, Makaha, Oahu